Garden Mentors

Every spring, Victory Garden Initiative installs hundreds of new raised bed gardens across Milwaukee during the BLITZ. Many folks who receive these gardens are new to the art of growing food. In 2012, we started the Garden Mentor Program to pair experienced growers with new gardeners who needed some help getting started.

We match Garden Mentors with gardeners from their neighborhood as much as possible, emphasizing community-building and personal relationships. 

We believe that a gardener who is successful during the first season will be more likely to continue growing food. Garden Mentors are here to help. 

Become a Garden Mentor

Who: Who taught you how to garden? Now you have an opportunity to pay it forward by becoming a Garden Mentor! 
Mentees are chosen from among BLITZ participants, with priority given to those who with no prior gardening experience. 

What: Every Garden Mentor is assigned one mentee to meet with five times over the course of the season. You will receive a manual filled with helpful handouts, tips, and a schedule 

In addition, you must attend one of our training sessions in April - TBA

Interested? REGISTER HERE to become a Garden Mentor in 2018!

Get Help from a Garden Mentor

Who: Are you brand new to gardening, or have very little experience? If you are purchasing a garden for the Blitz this year and feel you need some guidance to get started, you can apply to become a mentee.

What: Mentees must commit to meeting with their mentor 5 times over the course of a season. In return, you'll get personalized help from an experienced gardener who can teach you tips and tricks it might take years to learn otherwise. Your first visit will be before the Blitz so your mentor can help you site your new garden for optimum sunlight.

REGISTER HERE if you would like the help of a mentor for your first season.
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