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Please read over the following guidelines before agreeing to volunteer with Victory Garden Initiative.

1. Always act respectfully toward VGI clients, colleagues, and allies (including bees, nitrogen-fixing plants, and storm clouds).

2. When using VGI tools and materials, you are responsible for using them properly and returning them to VGI staff.

3. While volunteering with VGI please bear in mind that VGI does not support the use of chemicals when growing food. The earth has natural chemistry that we don’t yet fully understand. Let's keep the potions in the labs.

4. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe and not placing others in harm’s way. Invasive weeds, on the other hand, are generally fair game.

5. The daily functioning of VGI is dependent upon volunteers; if you cannot fulfill a task or attend an event, please communicate this to VGI staff ahead of time. What a perfect opportunity to recruit a new volunteer to replace you!

6. Use of alcohol or drugs while volunteering is strictly prohibited. (Should you choose to drink afterwards, however, may we suggest one of our numerous local breweries?)

7. Please wear suitable clothing for volunteer activities (i.e. sturdy shoes for outdoor labor). VGI t-shirts are always a great fashion choice!

8. Victory Garden Initiative is an inclusive and apolitical movement. Just as a diverse garden is a healthy one, we seek to make our organization stronger by welcoming anyone and everyone!

9. Every interaction is an opportunity to bring someone new into the organization. When you volunteer for Victory Garden Initiative, you are a de-facto ambassador of all that is local, sustainable, and delicious!

10. Volunteers serve at the discretion of VGI staff.

11. Have fun!

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