Unisex tees in cream and light grey blue, sizes XS-XL

Women's tees in dark aquamarine and sage green, sizes S-XL


grown in Milwaukee onesies

Baby Kaia is wearing a 0-6 month size and is 4 months old in this photo.

Sizes 0-6 mos., 6-12 mos., 12-18 mos.

Grown In Milwaukee Reusable Bag



garden beds

Ready to start growing your own food? We can get you started by building a raised bed right in your backyard, at your office, or anywhere else you'd like it to go!

victory garden blitz

The most inexpensive option is to purchase a 4' x 8' raised-bed garden through the VICTORY GARDEN BLITZ. Each spring we build hundreds of raised beds at low cost - our goal is to get as many Milwaukee's growing food as possible! Check our BLITZ page to order your next raised bed garden, filled with healthy, organic soil from Blue Ribbon Organics!

accessible gardening

Here at VGI, we want EVERYONE to have access to fresh, healthy, organic fruits and vegetables. That's why we've partnered with LGarden to provide reduced-cost elevated gardens for purchase that are accessible to people with LIMITED MOBILITY, OR SIMPLY LIMITED SPACE

The LGarden and LGarden Balcony are designed in the USA to be mobile and make gardening comfortable and easy. LGarden also offers VegTrugs, made of sustainably sourced wood, as an additional option, in two sizes.  A portion of sales also goes to Victory Garden Initiative! 

Delivery to the Greater Milwaukee Area only. 


Building your own raised bed and need some ORGANIC SOIL? Need to top off the one you have? From June - December, you can order Garden Mix or Compost from Blue Ribbon Organics! This partnership allows VGI a percentage of sales. If you'd like to order soil January - May, please visit our BLITZ page, where you can order soil for delivery during the Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ. 

Blue Ribbon Organics is a local, family-owned and operated company that builds high-quality organic soil. Why organic? Soil in urban areas is very often contaminated with lead and other toxins and lacking in microorganisms and nutrients.  

Garden Services and consultations

home gardening services

Need your compost turned, your rabbit fence constructed, your rain barrel installed, some good advice, or your garden planned out?  Let us know.  Most jobs are $50 for the first hour and $25 for every hour following. There may be specialty charges for specialty jobs, but we want to help if we can. 

Email Beverly to figure out if we can help!

Urban Homestead Consultation

Our Executive Director, an urban homesteading, spend-thrifty, permaculturist, fresh-food cooking, composting, self-made gardening expert of sorts, will come to your house and offer one-hour consultations for only $100.

Consultation includes a follow-up report and summary of recommendations.  Then, our VGI Team can come help with the implementation as needed.   


Interested in transforming your yard into a self-sufficient ecosystem that can provide food and other necessary materials for your household? Through permaculture design, we can tailor a new design for your property that mimics nature and is indefinitely self-sustaining.


classes for groups

Would you like to have us teach a class for a group of your friends, family, work group, organization or religious community? Get ready for a rewarding summer of vegetable gardening from breaking ground to delicious harvest! 

Four 90-minute classes in the Basic Gardening Series will take beginning gardeners through the steps of garden design, planning, planting, fertilizing and troubleshooting. This is your chance to step into the world of backyard or community gardening with confidence. Each class provides instruction and hands-on experience, so that gardeners have the opportunity to learn the theory, then get their hands dirty so the lessons can really "take root." 

There is a flat fee of $200 per class (up to 45 participants) and $750 for the full series. All classes are 90 minutes long, consisting of 45 minutes of presentation and discussion and 45 minutes of hands-on projects. To pay for a class or the full series, please feel free to pay securely online through PayPal. We will contact you about scheduling a time to hold the class. If you have any questions, or to set up a specific class, please contact Program and Operations Manager, Beverly Tyree

class descriptions

designing edible gardening spaces

Where will your garden Learn about sun and shade, which crops to grow where and how to plan for a mix of beds, containers and even vertical garden spaces!

vegetable garden planning

Plan your garden around your menus. How about a salsa garden? A ratatouille garden? Even a pizza garden! Or simply plan a basic vegetable garden for optimum production in your area's microclimates. Learn about making a garden map and planning for crop rotation in the coming years. 

Succession and companion planting

Lettuce grows fast. Did you know you can replant lettuce as you harvest, and grow as many as four crops in one summer in the same space? Companion planting will teach you why broccoli loves rosemary but doesn't like tomatoes, so you can plan a vegetable neighborhood where everyone gets along. 

worm castings and compost tea (soil amendments and fertility)

Soil fertility is the key to successful gardening. This class will teach some basic soil fertility tips, how to start and keep your soil healthy, how to listen and understand if your plants tell you they need some different kinds of food. Easy, organic methods of soil improvement and plant nutrition will make your harvest abundant!



Through our partner, Northwest Earth Institute, you can purchase their books about creating a more sustainable and ethical food system. If you're interested, click the link below and mark your affiliation with VGI on the drop-down menu when you are ordering. 

For more information about Northwest Earth Institute's books and courses, click here

eco-friendly wood treatment

  • Non-toxic, VOC Free, Environmentally Friendly, Children & Animal Friendly, Garden Safe
  • Mixes easily with water
  • 4.5 Liter size provides 150-200 square feet of coverage
  • Naturally-sourced materials
  • Provides a nice silver or brown aged finish, depending on wood type, with no special surface prep
  • One easy application penetrates and bonds with wood forever, no scraping, flaking or reapplications needed
  • Works on indoor or outdoor projects - fences, decks, siding, furniture, marine applications, etc.
  • Leaves no harmful residue in soil or water
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada using sustainable resources
  • One easy application lasts year after year with no maintenance
  • In use for many years with proven results
  • Safe for use in vegetable gardens, children and play areas, and indoors too
  • Ideal for decks, posts, log homes, sheds, doors, aging, graying and more
  • Apply with brush, roller, spray or by dipping
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • Mix only what you need, save the rest for another project
  • No waste: Dry powder or mixed solution stores indefinitely
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
Interested? Visit Tall Earth online, and mention Victory Garden Initiative in your order!

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